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Coram’s Fields -Bloomsbury, London

We went to Coram’s Fields in the middle of that lovely August heatwave we had. The visit was part two of a rather packed day out in London. We had already been with my sister to The Wellcome Collection earlier in the day for a wander around and lunch in the restaurant (note to self: will write a blog about there later) and thought it would be good to have something that the little ones could enjoy -especially with the weather being so good.

Situated on the site of the former Foundling Hospital, Coram’s Fields is, to use its tag line, a haven for play. A seven acre space a stone’s throw from Kings Cross and Holborn, it offers a safe and free place for children to enjoy. Coram’s Fields operates by being open only to those accompanying children and staff on site man the gate into the area to ensure children are safe from wandering off and to stop strangers wandering into to the park itself.

Coram’s Fields greets you with its gate and plaque immortalising the history of how this play area came to be. Once through the gate, we were met by somewhere that had a definite feel that it was for solely for the enjoyment of children. With the Sun out, the park was full of happy kids running freely around. There is plenty of expansive green space to run around and picnic on as well as play areas that are separated by age. The Toddler of course was very excited to give the swings and slides a good go. In the centre of the there is a shallow paddling pool with some water features. I didn’t know/couldn’t tell exactly what was available at Coram’s Fields by their website so didn’t bring any swimwear for the paddling pool but luckily packed extra shorts for The Toddler so we made do. The paddling pool was very welcomed in the hot weather and was loved by The Toddler especially. The Baby wasn’t as impressed by having her toes dipped in the cool water though.

Play area and buildings at Coram’s Fields

The sides of Coram’s Fields are flanked by Georgian style buildings. They host a nursery, cafe, play groups, and drop in sessions. There are also a baby change and toilets on site which is a massive bonus and drinking water fountains…huzzah!

As well has the playgrounds, there water and sand play areas which was The Toddler’s next area of fun. He enjoyed digging in the sand immensely and probably could have stayed there all day.

The thing that surprised me most about Coram’s Fields was that it didn’t feel like it was in central London at all. It didn’t feel like an overly manicured park that just happened to cater for children and it didn’t have the sickly, tacky, over manufactured commercial feel that a lot of places geared towards kids can have. It was refreshingly normal and just a happy place to spend an afternoon.

Unfortunately, it came time to go home so we could avoid rush hour which made The Toddler less than happy but it was really hot and he hadn’t had a nap so he was a little bit willing to get back in the pram. Both him and The Baby were asleep by the time we got to Kings Cross so I can only assume they enjoyed the day too.


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