Getting to Know You…

Welcome to the first post. I suppose a solid start would be to briefly tell you about Toddling With Two and why I am adding another mummy blog when there is a plethora of readily established blogs out there.

Firstly, I am pretty much an average mum in my late 20s living in East London. I have lived here pretty much all my life but now rather amusingly enjoying the influx of ‘hipster chic’ that have joined us -even if I look more tired pigeon than effortlessly cool in comparison.

I am married with two children, one boy who is two and one girl who is 6 months. Whilst it may sound like the picture of domestic bliss, I am not about to start a blog about how wonderful it is to be a mother or write an acerbic tongue-in-cheek tale of the trials and tribulations of surviving until wine o’clock. There are plenty of blogs out there that cover those angles rather brilliantly already, I want to share more about how we manage travelling around London and exploring what this city and beyond has to offer young families.

I am currently at home with the kids whilst on maternity leave. Due to having to pay for rent and various outgoings on reduced pay, I had to pull The Toddler out of nursery and have him at home until I go back to work. It wasn’t easy being pregnant and looking after the Toddler who was up until now at nursery full time. My biggest anxiety was how I was going to cope with two small children alone and keep The Toddler entertained when everything that the nursery did for him whilst both me and The Husband were at work was being placed firmly back into my hands. There was no way I would be able to provide the amount of activities they laid on for him over the course of a day and I felt like that he was going to lose out in some way. Cue mummy guilt. I don’t drive so I felt limited for choice in where I could go with the two children when The Toddler still tires walking and The Baby would be using the pram. I needed to be able to get out as much for my own sanity as theirs. There is only so much CBeebies and playing trains you can handle in a week before you end up dreaming of Thomas the Tank Engine and Twirlywoos.

After talking it through with The Husband, we decided to get a tandem pram second hand to use until The Toddler was more able to walk. Great idea, or so I thought until you have to try to get it on the bus or negotiate going in and out of shops. It served its purpose and has since been passed on to a new owner (I’ll blog about our out’n’about set up later) but with that tandem pram was the beginning of our new life Toddling with Two.


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